105-Year-Old Man Sets New Cycling Record

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On Wednesday, Frenchman Robert Marchand rode 14 miles on his bike in one only one hour. Normally, this wouldn’t make for an NPR article, but Marchand’s success is rather incredible. This cyclist is about five foot tall, weighs about 115 pounds and is 105 years old.

Marchand completed the laps at an indoor track in Paris where he got a standing ovation from the crowd once he set a new record for the 105 plus division. He told the press he’s now waiting for a rival to step up since he’s certainly out-performed his peers.

ABC 13 reports via AP that Marchand’s life has been a series of incredible events. He witnessed two world wars, traveled and lived all over the world, and worked as a lumberjack, a truck driver and even a firefighter.

Many admirers will wonder how Marchand manages to say so fit. NPR says that his secret is rather simple. “He eats fruits and vegetables, doesn’t smoke, drinks wine only on occasion, goes to bed at 9 p.m. and exercises every day,” they write. Friends say he’s also an avid reader and practices cycling both indoors and out when the weather is nice.

Marchand can be a great source of inspiration to help one stick to their New Year resolutions!