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$26K Reward Offered for Information on 489 Missing Steers

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A reward that was recently offered for information regarding 489 missing steers from a Clay County ranch in Texas has just been increased to $26K. According to RFDTV, The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association is now offering a reward of $25,000, with the Crime Stoppers of Wichita Falls offering an additional $1,000. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association’s (TSCRA) Special Ranger John Bradshaw is in the process of investigating the case. It was reported that the steers disappeared sometime between November 2018 and August of 2019. The discover wasn’t made by the rancher until shipping began for the remainder of his herd due to the large number of cattle he maintained.

In cooperation with Operation Cow Thief (OCT), the ranch owner hopes the reward will bring the rustlers to justice. OCT is an anti-agricultural-theft initiative under the TSCRA. The reward is being offered for details that would lead to an arrest or indictment of those responsible for this crime.

Video: YouTube/KUT Austin

What was once thought to be a crime of the past has been revealed to be on the rise in the state of Texas. Cattle rustling has been climbing as a result of economic and social issues, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. The report above was issued by NPR in 2013 via the KUT Austin YouTube channel. Six years later, we’re seeing reports of increased movement in cattle thieving and missing herds over a number of Texas counties. The result is the loss of millions of dollars in agricultural profit, and ripple effects across the same markets. According to Special Ranger Bradshaw, in this case the steers are a mixed breed of Charolais and Black Angus. When they went missing, their weight was estimated at 400-500 pounds. At this juncture, they could potentially be up to 800-1,000 pounds. With respect to identification markers, their brand is shown in the illustration below, situated on their left hip. Those who have information regarding the missing steers are asked to call TSCRA’s Operation Cow Thief hotline at (888) 830-2333, or Special Ranger John Bradshaw at (940) 389-6123. Tips can be provided anonymously, and all information will remain confidential.

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