12 Years Ago This Week AstroWorld Shut Down in Houston

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In 2005, the Astros first made their way to the World Series but didn’t fare as well as they did in their incredible 2017 games. Interestingly, also in 2005, Houston lost a theme park sharing the team’s name. wrote that on October 30, 2005, AstroWorld (later known as Six Flags AstroWorld) officially shut down.

The park was located off of the 610 feeder road and featured rides like “…epic roller coasters Greezed Lightnin’, The Viper, and the Texas Tornado, to Thunder River, the ride sure to soak you from head to toe.” writes that the park was open for 37 years, but it was forced to close since parent company Six Flags saw it as an “underperformer.” “AstroWorld’s real estate was much more valuable than the park. The land’s value was estimated to be as much as $145 million at the time,” explains of the Texas property.

But fans of the park have kept its memory alive and well through this past 12 years. In fact, there are always memorabilia items from the park up for sale on eBay that Houstonians quickly scoop up. If you visited the park, you might remember seeing illustrated maps which are now fun collectibles for theme park fans. Check out some old items and feel a wave of nostalgia here.