15 Texas Hill Country Wines to Pair with Girl Scout Cookies

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Photo: Flickr/bandita

Sometimes it’s just not enough to drink milk with your cookies. Maybe you backed into a tree or forgot to pick up your kid from soccer practice. Maybe your dog ate your running shoes, or your husband left his wadded up Kleenex in the pocket of the jeans you were washing.

For those days, we thank God for grapes and Girl Scouts, and we indulge not only our sweet tooth, but  also our privilege as people over 21 — and break out a stemmed glassful of fruity goodness with our cookies. Sound like heaven? Take a look at the Texas Hill Country version of wine pairings and Girl Scout cookies.

1. Peanut Butter Do-Si-Dos Scream for Jam

do si dos

Photo: Wikimedia

When you think of peanut butter and jelly, doesn’t a smile come to your face? The sweet and salty goodness acts as a dual purpose craving killer . So what goes best with a GS peanut butter sandwich cookie? None other than some jammy goodness. Jammy wine recommendations include:

2. Add The Flavor of Spain to Your Caramel Coconut Samoas


Photo: Flickr/brian

The soft smoothness of caramels and the tantalizing texture of coconut, sassy Samoas conjure tropical island bliss. What’s better with a tropical island snack than fresh fruit and maybe a cigar? Okay, so the cigar may be kind of a reach, but we think these THC takes on a Spanish Rioja or Tempranillo will go just fine with one of these crispy concoctions.

3. Shortbread Trefoils Sing for Chardonnay


Photo: Andrew Lochbaum

Nothing could complement a crumbly shortbread more than a buttery Chardonnay. Try one of these Texas Hill Country beauties when comforting yourself with a box of Trefoils.

4. Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Wine


Photo: Flickr/donireewalker

Creamy peanut butter goodness and a layer of chocolatey smoothness, you say? Yep, there’s a Texas wine for that.

5. Thin Mints & Dessert Wine


Photo: Flickr/Amy

Okay, I know most of you probably scrolled through the whole article just to get to the good stuff. What in the world should you drink with everybody’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint? We definitely think a sinfully sweet dessert wine is the only way to go.