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An 18-Wheeler Slides Over an I-10 Retaining Wall, Damaging the Highway

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ABC 13 reported on Sunday that repairs were needed on I-10 on a bridge at Freeport Street in Houston when an 18-wheeler lost control and slid over the retaining wall, damaging the highway. The repairs were only temporary, so crews will have to return to fully correct the retaining wall.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident. The truck nudged the edge of the wall while navigating traffic during heavy rains and it caused the front end of the trailer to slid over the edge. The front part of the 18-wheeler wedged up against the wall but didn’t put the driver in harm’s way.

On the ABC 13 Facebook page, commenters are taking the news story as a reminder that 18-wheelers need the utmost respect on the road to help avoid interference from 4-wheel drivers that cause big trucks to overcompensate and lose control (especially in the rain). Raegan Gentili wrote, “I don’t drive a big truck, but I hauled horse trailers for years. People cut you off, hit the brakes, won’t let you on the freeway. I can go freeway speeds, but need stopping room, its called physics folks!”