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2 Amazing Brazos River Paddling Trips to Try Right Now

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“Cross the Brazos at Waco / Ride hard and I’ll make it by dawn…” were the words to a Billy Walker (The Tall Texan) country song (also made famous by Marty Robins), and they’ll be running through your mind as you paddle your canoe or kayak from the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Bosque Bluffs and Brazos Bridges trails (now there’s a mouthful!) A wonderful pastime in the heart of downtown Waco, these easy-access paddling trips are designed for both beginners as well as experienced paddlers alike, wishing to enjoy a trip along either the Bosque or the Brazos Rivers.

2 Amazing Brazos River Paddling Trips To Try Right Now

Photo: Facebook/Brazos River Authority

For those who are experienced paddlers wishing to renew their relationship with the Brazos River, the Waco access is considered a no wake zone, similar to the Bosque Bluffs trail. Texas writer John Graves paddled 175 miles down the Brazos River (upstream from Waco however, between Possum Kingdom Dam and Lake Whitney) and as he paddled and camped, fished and hunted, he wrote an article on the journey, which later became the book entitled “Goodbye to a River.” He too explored the Brazos. However, his fear at the time was that it would be destroyed by damming projects, and so, in effect, he was eulogizing it.

2 Amazing Brazos River Paddling Trips To Try Right Now
Photo: Facebook/Tim Robertson

With no need to fear its destruction (at least at present), a paddler on the Brazos from Waco can enjoy moderate flows and a pleasant canoe trip while they take in the natural surroundings. The 4.8-mile Brazos Bridges Route provides the opportunity to see just that – bridges! However, it also includes great Waco riverside scenery. The Bosque Bluffs trail provides the opportunity to view Lovers Leap and Emmons Cliff, 100-foot limestone bluffs which are home to numerous birds and glint when the sun’s just right. It’s a 2.2-mile paddling adventure that’s perfect for novices. Enjoy paddling, and enjoy the Brazos River in Texas!

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