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Train and Dump Truck Collision Leaves 2 dead in Fort Worth

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According to local media reports, at least two fatalities occurred following a train and dump truck collision in Fort Worth on Saturday, August 25. Just prior to 12 p.m., authorities in Arlington responded to a call involving a commercial truck and a Trinity Railway Express train.

The collision occurred at Calloway Cemetery Road, along a section of Fort Worth, just between Euless and Arlington. It proved to be fatal for two from the truck. The victims’ names were released by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office website, identified as Charlene Alexander (50 years of age), and Arnell Tolliver (49 years of age).

11 others who were riding the train were injured in the collision, resulting in hospitalization. According to Fox 5, two of these individuals were listed in critical condition and three more were noted as having serious injuries which were non-life-threating. One passenger on the train, Aaron Gillespie, explained to NBCDFW.com that he just held on tight during the crash, worried the train would leave the rails.

Train and Dump Truck Collision Leaves 2 dead in Fort Worth

Photo: Facebook/Lynnanne Nguyen

Gillespie noted that he was riding on the train’s second level and went down to the first when he realized what happened and thought the train might catch fire. He described passengers on the floor with cuts from broken glass. The truck had knocked the windows in. At this time, the full cause of the crash remains unknown.