2 Property Brothers, 1 Tiny House Arrest

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Jonathan and Drew Scott, otherwise known as “The Property Brothers,” are synonymous with good home sense, style, and design. And their latest show, Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, shows good home taste! Well, the folks at “Tiny House Arrest,” an HGTV series new to the network and available by digital release only, challenged the brothers to try tiny home living. For two guys averaging six feet and some change (plus 2 dogs), it was somewhat of a challenge!

A Tall Order and a Tight Fit

2 Property Brothers, 1 Tiny House Arrest

Photo: Pinterest/Martin Allan

It turns out, a 200-square-foot house is somewhat of a matched for the Scotts. Drew, in particular, asked, “Where’s the rest of the house?” And when viewers see he packed three bags for a one-night stay, well, it would be tough to maneuver around the luggage, never mind the “rest of the house…” Their good humor prevails when they tour their abode, recognizing there’s just one loft bed. And although Drew gets the bed, further issues proliferate when he finds out the shower is a tight fit.

Tiny House Tips

2 Property Brothers, 1 Tiny House Arrest

Photo: Pinterest/Cindy Adams

It’s not all bad, however, as this décor duo discovers tiny house living has its benefits. Their brotherly bond is enhanced living in such close quarters (and you’d have to be pretty cold-hearted not to bond while wearing onesies in front of a fire.) And the show, like all that they’re involved in, is loaded with beneficial home advice, in this case, space-saving tips. The Property Brothers on “Tiny House Arrest” is well worth the watch!


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