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2 Texas Hill Country Medics Help Brighten a Little Girl’s Day

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To brighten the day of a little girl they attended to, two San Antonio medics delivered a bicycle to her home this week. According to a Facebook post by Eddie Gonzalez, upon answering the call in which the little girl was thankfully not badly injured, they noticed that her family was underprivileged, and while other area kids had bikes to ride, she could only sit and watch. So, they decided to help cheer her up by purchasing her a bicycle of her own.

The post caption read as follows: “M18 responded to a call for a little girl name Hope who had fallen from some stairs but wasn’t badly injured. While evaluating her the guys noted that Hope and her family didn’t have much financially and lived in a tiny apartment. Other kids in the complex were riding their bicycles and having fun while Hope could only watch. The guys at M18 made a promise to Hope that she would have her very own bicycle soon. Today while on a run with M18 they asked us, E20, if we’d deliver the bike to Hope for them since they were being slammed with calls and really busy. It was cute seeing her response to getting her own bicycle. Thank you Rene and Barry for the great work you guys do for SAFD and the citizens of San Antonio.”

Rene Bocanegra and Barry Uhr, medics from San Antonio’s Fire House 18, here in the Texas Hill Country, responded to a call for Hope, a little girl who had fallen down the stairs. While evaluating her, Bocanegra noticed that Hope was watching the other children in the neighborhood who were out riding their bikes, so he asked her if she wanted one of her own to ride as well. According to Gonzalez, she nodded her head yes. The two medics took it upon themselves to purchase a bike for Hope and attempted to deliver it between shifts, but each time there was no one home when they made their visits. Bocanegra then asked the firefighters from Engine 20 together with Gonzalez to try to deliver the bike on their behalf since they didn’t want her to have to wait much longer. Gonzalez recorded the video in order that they could see her reaction, saying the two went, “Above and beyond…”.



Eddie Gonzales Facebook Page