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2 Exciting Ways to ‘Do New Braunfels’ for Visitors and Locals

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What happens when an active, newly-retired teacher with a passion for her hometown’s history gets a little bored with her new, retiree lifestyle? She starts up two businesses, of course. This is how New Braunfels resident, Jan Kingsbury found herself a busy proprietor of two local businesses – each showcasing New Braunfels’ history and appeal in their own way.

Spass Walking Tours

Spass walking tour

Photo: Facebook/Spass Walking Tours of New Braunfels

In 2013, Kingsbury started Spass Walking Tours in New Braunfels. “Spass” translates to “fun” in German and Kingsbury set out to do just that with her new business – have fun. Kingsbury’s walking tours run the gamut from silly fun to serious history. Almost all of Kingsbury’s walking tours incorporate adult beverages and food so that participants walk away (literally) from the tour feeling like they’ve had a lovely day of learning a bit and socializing a bit.

Recently, Kingsbury began to see a real need for a concierge-type of service for visitors to New Braunfels. As more and more walking tour patrons asked her, “What else is there to do here?” Or, “Where’s a good place to eat?” Kingsbury embarked on a second business model: Do New Braunfels Tours and Concierge Services.

Do New Braunfels

Do New Braunfels Tours
Photo: Facebook/Do New Braunfels

The mission of Do New Braunfels is to help visitors enjoy New Braunfels like a local and to help locals enjoy their own city like a tourist. Working with her husband, Tim, (the former football coach for New Braunfels High School) the Kingsburys create excursions and experiences for visitors and locals alike…an “adult field trip,” of sorts.

Most recently, Do New Braunfels offered an all-inclusive package for the sold-out Miranda Lambert concert at nearby Whitewater Amphitheater. The Do New Braunfels busses picked up concert-goers and transported them to the concert, offering complimentary beverages for the ride there, then when the concert was over, the bus awaited everyone steps away from the exit and safely returned everyone home. This eliminates the quandary of “how do we get tickets?” and “Who will be the designated driver?” Not to mention just the hassle of getting in and out of a packed concert venue.

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