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Texas Dove Hunting Season in Full Swing [VIDEO]

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According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the 2016 dove hunting season offers a lot to crow about.

This short video posted on YouTube by Texas Parks and Wildlife clues hunters in on why this year’s dove hunting season promises to be one of the best in a decade.

First, the hunting season, which began September 1, has been extended for 20 extra days. Camo-clad friends and family now have 9o days to plan and participate in the activity that is specific to mourning doves and white-winged doves.

Second, thanks to the rains and more temperate summer, the young dove population has skyrocketed. Officials estimate that more than ten million white-winged doves and over 30 million mourning doves are taking to the skies for your entertainment and eating pleasure. That’s more doves than officials have recorded in more than a decade.

Third, with one million acres of public hunting grounds, hunters will have plenty of opportunities to find areas close and convenient for their hunting excursions. And with Texas Parks and Wildlife holding classes for dove hunting newbies (like the one set for September 10 in Del Rio/Hondo and another scheduled for September 17 in San Antonio), anyone who has ever wanted to give dove hunting a try has the perfect way to learn the sport from the ground up (so to speak).

With a longer season, more birds, and dove hunting classes on offer, Texas Parks and Wildlife is hoping to bring in the higher end of the estimated $350 to $500 million dollars generated from the activity into the state.