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2017 Fall Texas Antiques Week(s) Will Soon Be Upon Us

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Twice annually – once in the spring and once in the fall – folks travel to Round Top, Texas for what’s known as Antiques Week. A shopping extravaganza, this year taking place at a number of venues over more than just one week, the Original Round Top Antiques Fair is happening from September 25 to 30, rivaling those around the globe for quirky, cool, shabby chic, and worthwhile finds that pickers’ dreams are made of.

2017 Fall Texas Antiques Week(s) Will Soon Be Upon Us

Photo: Facebook/Christine Turknett Interiors

Touted as the largest of its kind in America, the Round Top Fall Antique Show has been happening for close to six decades, now attracting over 2,000 vendors descending on a 25-mile stretch from LaGrange to Burton (with Round Top being central to it all) for over a week’s worth of sales opportunities to people like us. Extending the time frame and itching to make unique sales for our homes, yards, or collections, a number of venues now host their own various pitches ranging from September 15 through October 8 for those looking for all the right finds in the neatest of places.

2017 Fall Texas Antiques Week(s) Will Soon Be Upon Us

Photo: Facebook/Visit Round Top, Texas

Amongst clusters of giant white tents, as well as in general stores, barns, and dance hall venues, vendors populate the setting with unbelievably creative displays of antiques, which is a term that can be used loosely, considering the variety of merchandise available includes crafts, accessories, clothing, and flea-market-esque fare. And the assortment of items is simply staggering. From jewelry to décor, china, and cutlery to furniture, collection items, trinkets, and clothing from all eras, it’s doubtful you’d be at a loss to find something you’d like.

2017 Fall Texas Antiques Week(s) Will Soon Be Upon Us

Photo: Facebook/Junk Gypsy Company

Equal parts commerce and carnival atmosphere, the Round Top Fall Antique Show has a number of catered choices as well as picnic-style eating venues, including some amazing Texas barbecue, not to mention some unique Texas wine and cheese pairings in the late afternoons! And the fun doesn’t stop there. The Junk-o-Rama Prom hosted each Antiques Week by the Junk Gypsy (a local vendor) is a highlight of the events, featuring attendees in prom dresses from all decades dancing to live music in all the finery from their former glory days, not to mention cowboy boots and hats! Party-goers can celebrate their attendance and their getups in an outhouse-turned-photo booth, complete with velvet cushions and a chandelier! This year’s festivities are taking place Thursday, October 5, at the Junk Gypsy tent at Zapp Hall in Warrenton. There’s so much fun and finds to be had at the Round Top Fall Antique Show you honestly won’t know where to begin, but you definitely won’t regret the effort nor the visit!