A 2020 Ford Bronco Release is Pending and That’s Music to Our Ears

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Based on a press release covered by Motor Trend, what was once considered to be up in the air is now official. The 2020 Ford Bronco is scheduled to be released! The news means that driving on or off-road in Texas suddenly became a whole lot more enticing! The vehicle will be coming out of Michigan assembly plants in the near future. The automotive giant made their original announcement at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, on the heels of concept, viability, and appeal studies, investment restructuring at Ford Motor Co., and the decline in small car sales (such as the Ford Focus model.)

A 2020 Ford Bronco Release is Pending and That’s Music to Our Ears

Photo: Facebook/Jimmy Bragg

Coupled with this, the Ranger was also announced as a “comeback kid,” for which fans were equally elated. Over recent years, many had tried to contact the company with potential concept designs for both, and although message boards were filled with nothing but speculation, and bloggers released dribs and drabs of supporting detail into 2016, there was still no formal confirmation that the pair were slated for assembly in Michigan.

A 2020 Ford Bronco Release is Pending and That’s Music to Our Ears

Photo: Facebook/Dennis Sneed Ford

In a Sept. 2016 interview UAW representative Bill Johnson said,  “…with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly, that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does.” Since then, a $700 million investment has been made by Ford into its Michigan production lines. In Motor Trend’s coverage of the Detroit Auto Show announcement, it asserted, “…We expect the 2020 Bronco to look a lot like a modern take on the original Bronco design. Think more along the lines of how Ford designed the current Mustang and GT supercar rather than a slavishly retro design like the 2002 Ford Thunderbird. According to Ford president of the Americas Joe Hinrichs, the 2020 Bronco will be ‘true to its heritage’ and immediately recognizable.” That sounds like music to our ears!