3 Great Texas Ghost Towns to Investigate

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There’s always going to be interest in the backstories of Texas ghost towns, and thankfully, the Lone Star State has a plethora of them to quench the thirst for knowledge. Here are three great Texas ghost towns to investigate in the near future.

1. Indianola

Three Great Texas Ghost Towns to Investigate

Photo: Facebook/GenDisasters

In 1846, Indianola was the main entry point for European immigrants entering the Lone Star State at Matagorda Bay. Through this service-provision, the town was revitalized and experienced a rather large economic boom. It was considered the second largest port in Texas until the 1870s and ‘80s when a series of hurricanes did irreparable damage, forcing the population to move elsewhere.

2. Fort Griffin

Three Great Texas Ghost Towns to Investigate

Photo: Facebook/John Hoxie

Fort Griffin was originally established as part of the frontier fort system, and was considered a valuable component in the expansion of America after the Civil War. But as the frontier pressed further west, protection from Native Americans on the attack proved to be a moot point, and eventually the fort’s requirements became obsolete. As a result, it was slowly abandoned and became the ghost town it is today.

3. Terlingua

Three Great Texas Ghost Towns to Investigate

Photo: Facebook/West of the Rest

After quicksilver was discovered, Terlingua popped up in southwest Texas. Now one of the gateways to Big Bend National Park, when the quicksilver ran out, so did the townspeople. That’s when the mining settlement was basically abandoned and the remaining inhabitants continue to make the most of their town. The attraction of the old mining settlement together with the town’s famous annual chili cook off continues to draw a great crowd to the area.