3-Ingredient Tasty Slow-Cooker Texas Taco Chicken!

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With just 3 ingredients, and a slow-cooker, you can make tasty, healthy, and low-calorie (that should really be labeled as a bad word) Texas Taco Chicken that works with even the busiest of days and the meanest of diets! Spicy, scrumptious, and easily one of the best taco fillers, hands-down, this chicken recipe is the perfect fusion of protein and flavor, and it’s a time-saver in the tightest of schedules. Top it with sour cream, guacamole, and shredded cheese, or chopped, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and some onions, and you’ll have a multitude of flavors marrying nicely before your very eyes! Simply trim the fat from the chicken breasts, place them in the crockpot, mix together your salsa and seasoning, and spread this mix over top of the chicken. Cover and cook on “high” for 4 hours, or “low” for 6-8, depending on your schedule.



Chicken Breasts (3-4 Boneless, Skinless)

3-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Texas Taco Chicken!

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Winner, winner, Texas Taco Chicken dinner! These beauties may look fairly basic now, and you might be wondering why on earth you’re making chicken for the one-hundredth time, but trust us, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the dish.

1 16-oz. Jar of Salsa

3-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Texas Taco Chicken!

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If you have your own homemade recipe for this Heaven-sent sauce, by all means, incorporate it into this dish. If not, however, pick your passion – hot, medium, or mild – and prepare to open up a whole new world of “zing” for your chicken!

Taco Seasoning

3-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Texas Taco Chicken!

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1-2 tablespoons of this bad boy and you’ll be licking your lips! Any store brand will do, however, if you like to prep your seasoning beforehand and you happen to have a recipe that’s been handed down, by all means, put it to use!