3 Juicy Details About Junction in the Texas Hill Country

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Known for many different things in the vein of tourism, scenic vistas, and wonderful wine trails, the Texas Hill Country is also home to quaint and picturesque towns, such as Junction, which is filled to the brim with tradition, history, and some of the friendliest residents you’ll ever meet. Founded in 1876, Junction was named for its location, being the meeting point for the North and South Llano Rivers. Here are a few more juicy details about Junction you may not be aware of.

1. It’s the Home of the “Junction Boys”

3 Juicy Details About Junction in the Texas Hill Country

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Back in 1954, Paul “Bear” Bryant was hired by Texas A&M University to coach the Aggie football team. His first steps included holding a 10-day football camp in Junction, in the Texas Hill Country, giving the team a summer camp to focus on their upcoming season. He chose this location feeling that the players needed to be away from the standard campus distractions, focusing solely on football. Practices started before dawn, went all day, and ended with team meetings that sometimes ran until 11 p.m. At the time, the area was experiencing a heat wave and one of the worst droughts in history. Proving to be too much for many players, the oppressive heat combined with the long practice days resulted in fewer players coming to practice each day. At the end of the camp, those who made it earned the nickname the “Junction Boys.”

2. It Features a Deer Horn Tree

3 Juicy Details About Junction in the Texas Hill Country

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One of the more popular areas in the Texas Hill Country for whitetail deer, and subsequently for hunting season, Junction is home to a Deer Horn Tree in commemoration of that popularity. The Kimble Business and Professional Women’s Club of Junction created the tree in 1968 to celebrate the area’s hunting history and heritage. The estimated deer population for the county presently sits at one for every 7.5 acres, and the Deer Horn Tree is quite an attraction as a result. Located at the center of town, right on Main Street, the tree stands approximately 12 feet in height and is built entirely from deer antlers. Formed in the shape of a Christmas tree, there’s even a lighted star placed at its top just for the holidays!

3. Its Nickname is “The Land of Living Waters”

3 Juicy Details About Junction
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