3 Local Gyms to Help With Your New Year’s Resolution

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The first couple of weeks of the new year are behind us, and in all reality, a lot of people have already slacked on their resolution. If your resolution was to get in shape, lose weight, or live a healthier lifestyle, here are some local gyms that can help you keep your resolution.

1. Mad Dawg Fitness- Burnet


Mad Dawg Fitness gained quite a reputation not long after its opening as a gym that gets people results. With multiple group boot camp classes throughout the day, as well as personal training with individualized plans, and open gym memberships, Mad Dawg Fitness has many affordable options to help you reach your goals. The gym also runs several weight loss challenges during the year that can help give you a boost and keep you accountable. Many of the members compete in races and other events together and even enjoy weekly outings together. According to members, Mad Dawg is not just a gym, but it is a family and a way of life. Find Mad Dawg Fitness on Facebook to get in touch with a trainer and start getting results!

2. Verus Strength & Fitness- Marble Falls


Verus Strength & Fitness in Marble Falls is well known in the area for their group workouts. Recently, the classes have been renamed Team Personal Training, rather than boot camp, which more accurately describes the environment at Verus. Although workouts are done in a group, they are led by a coach who is not only knowledgeable but that truly cares about each member’s individual needs and goals. Workouts are tailored to each person, while the group dynamic provides extra support and encouragement. There is a new program called Verus Kickstart, specifically designed for those that are new to their fitness journey. There are also several transformation challenges throughout the year. If you are looking for a place that is not just a gym, check out Verus in Marble Falls. You will be joining a family that encourages each other, pushes each other, and has fun together.

3. The Core Pilates + Barre- Marble Falls

13615185_115675472199144_7910920689214677547_nPhoto: Facebook/The Core Pilates + Barre

If you are looking for an alternative to intense boot camp style workout, there is now an option for you. Opened just last year, The Core is a family-run studio that features pilates, barre, and Tabata classes.

Pilates is considered a mind and body workout that not only increases strength and flexibility in a variety of muscle groups but also helps you become more aware of your body and the ways that it moves. Benefits from pilates workouts range all the way from strength and flexibility to improved posture and better circulation.

Inspired by ballet movements, barre is a low-impact, high- energy workout that works on the parts of the body that are considered “problem areas” for most women.

Tabata classes feature short, intense bursts of work, followed by a rest. This has been proven as an effective way to get results in a minimal amount of time.

The instructors at The Core each have a unique athletic background that not only makes them knowledgeable in their area of exercise but also helps them understand unique needs and goals. Visit to learn more about how you can get started on your fitness journey in a comfortable, welcoming environment.