3 Reasons to Shop Local in the Texas Hill Country

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The state economy of Texas in general has proven itself resilient in even the worst of times, and that’s when the character of local small business owners really shines through. In particular, the entrepreneurial spirit in the Texas Hill Country is one of the reasons why many tourists, not to mention locals, support and encourage business services and products in the region, continuing to return to and shop local on an annual basis, if not more frequently. The importance of this process is highlighted in the following three reasons to shop local in the Texas Hill Country.

1. Unique Businesses Are Integral to the Hill Country’s Distinctive Character.

3 Reasons to Shop Local in the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Traveler On the Back Roads

The unique character of the Texas Hill Country is what brought its settlers there in the first place, and what keeps people coming back. Its beauty, serenity, and charm are mutually supported by the types of businesses that are encouraged to develop within its settings. The Hill Country tourism businesses also benefit specifically, because no place looks like this region, in terms of size, opportunity, and just plain being blessed to be in Texas! It gives people a sense of being “someplace” as opposed to just any place.

2. Environmental Impact Is Dramatically Reduced.

3 Reasons to Shop Local in the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Flickr/Bureau of Land Management

With the support of local businesses in the Texas Hill Country comes the lessening of transportation for products/services from larger city centers, and subsequently a smaller environmental footprint. Less urban sprawl, loss of habitat, congestion, and resulting pollution and resource depletion are always added bonuses to this process as well.

3. The Majority of New Jobs Are Provided Through Local Business.

3 Reasons to Shop Local in the Texas Hill Country

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Known as the largest number of employers on a national level, small local businesses support new job development as they grow. And when you help the local economy, you continue to meet the needs of healthy homes and families, improving community. It may seem like a small and insignificant thing for you to buy your coffee, produce, gifts and entertainment items locally in the Texas Hill Country, but ultimately, it’s ensuring the jobs for present and future community members of the many towns that make up the region. Happy shopping!