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3 Scary Haunts to Visit Around Texas If You Dare for Halloween

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The witching hour is almost on hand and what better way to enjoy the Halloween season than by taking on a few scary haunts around Texas. These legendary haunted tours are sure to stir up a fright or two for any ghost hunter connoisseur. From graveyard tours to walking tours of historic San Antonio and New Braunfels streets lined with stories of the unknown and more, these are sure to intrigue your interest to explore some of the most acclaimed haunted sites around.

1. Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

Photo: Facebook/Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

Explore San Antonio like you never have before with the Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours.  Walk through the streets on a guided tour as they tell the tales of history past, and bring back to life the haunting stories of those long gone. “Dressed in period dress, they will light your way with their lanterns through the strange and unusual tales of centuries past, legendary stories, folklore and ghostly experiences,” shares their website.

Hop on board their Ghost Bus Tour, and be taken on a trip to be “transported into a world of ghostly happenings and terrifying histories!” You never know what might pop up to give you a fright.

Let’s not forget the famous “Dinner Tour” of one of the “Most Haunted Hotels in Texas” the Menger Hotel. Take a tour through the hotel and learn about its history and ghost sighting. You never know what may be lurking around the corner on this tour. You’ll enjoy a three-course meal by candlelight and ghost tour of the Menger.

2. Galveston Graveyard Tour

Galveston Graveyard Tour

Photo: Facebook/Galveston Historic Tour

Take a tour through some of Galveston’s oldest cemeteries. Learn about the occupants of those buried there as you stand over their graves on the Galveston Graveyard Tour. The graves come alive, so to speak, as you walk among the dearly departed with a guided tour sharing “tales of murder, suicide, and hauntings. See where some of Galveston’s most famous citizens are laid to rest,” shares its website.

“Hear famous and infamous stories about Galveston’s former residents including Lizzie Alberti (committed filicide), Bettie Brown (allegedly haunts Ashton Villa), General John Magruder (hero of Galveston during the Civil War), George Childress (author of the Texas Declaration of Independence who committed suicide), and Michel Menard and Samuel May Williams (founders of Galveston).”

3. New Braunfels Ghost Tours

New Braunfels Ghost Tours

Photo: Facebook/New Braunfels Ghost Tours

New Braunfels is a city rich in history and haunted legends. The New Braunfels Ghost Tours take you on a “90 minute haunted, historical guided walking ghost tour throughout downtown New Braunfels,” shares New Braunfels Ghost Tours. They will share stories sure to send a chill up your spine. Learn about “ghosts, haunts and murderous pasts,” states its website. They will share stories not found in history books. Get a firsthand account of haunted homes, restaurants, pubs, and more.