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3 Storm Chasers Killed in Traffic Accident While Chasing in Texas

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Three storm chasers died Tuesday in a two-vehicle collision as severe storms rolled through West Texas. According to the Department of Public Safety, the incident occurred at an intersection near the town of Spur, about 55 miles southeast of Lubbock. All three occupants were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Weather Channel identified two of the deceased as Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall, both were contracted by the corporation to frequently chase and live stream severe storms. Williamson was the only occupant not wearing his seat belt and was ejected through the windshield, according to DPS.

The moments leading up to the accident were being live streamed, with thousands watching at the time. The video shows Williamson approach the intersection. He is heard saying, “good rotation in that thing,” seconds before running the stop sign. The video then cuts out just before Williamson’s vehicle struck storm chaser Corbin Lee Jaeger, 25, of Peoria, Arizona. Jaeger was the only occupant of his vehicle.

Williamson and Yarnall were contracted by The Weather Channel to chase storms. 

“Kelley and Randy were beloved members of the weather community,” The Weather Channel said in a statement. “We are saddened by this loss and our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of all.”

According to the National Weather Service, tornadoes and heavy rain were reported nearby at the time of the crash.

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