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3 Tasty Hill Country Coffee Cafes You Must Try

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Over the last few years, designer coffees have evolved into niches of people looking to find a perfect cuppa. After several excursions to coffee cafes in the local area, there are three tasty coffee cafes that you can not only find a good cup of coffee, but also places which may make you feel at home. Below are three tasty coffee cafes in the Texas Hill Country you should try out.

Mocha and Javas

Mocha and Javas


Mocha & Javas is a locally-owned, tasty coffee cafe located on the corner of Hunter and Wonder World in San Marcos. They roast their beans weekly in Austin, and all their ingredients are purchased from local merchants. They have several types of coffee from designer (lattes and cappuccinos) to a regular cup of joe (add your own milk or cream and sugar). If you’re not into coffee, then try one of their various tea options. If you want a bit more substance, then have a muffin or other healthy and organic tasty snacks. Better yet, go for a smoothie.

Mocha & Javas has a nice quite seating area that softly plays ’70s music and allows you to hang out  for studying or work projects. There is limited outside seating under a shade tree where you can hang with the bikers (which ride Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays), and/or any other small groups of friends while you enjoy a fresh cuppa.

Radio Coffee (and Beer)

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Radio Coffee is located at Manchaca Road just south of downtown Austin, just north of Ben White. It made the list because they are the only coffee shop that that serves, get this: nitro coffee. Yep, you read that correctly, NITRO coffee. Just like the beer, which has not been vetted — yet, they have figured out how to make the best coffee ever using Nitro. You may find that after trying this special coffee, you will be asking friends to bring you a Nitro Coffee if there are ever near Radio Coffee.

There is plenty of sitting room for the patrons, indoor and outdoor, but parking is a bit of an issue on a busy day. Be careful of the ‘No Parking’ signs, they do tow. If you plan on chilling with friends, then you can also order food from the tasty food truck. Enjoy a homemade breakfast taco with so many options it was hard to know what to go for. This is a perfect place to chill with family or friends, and maybe linger over a book or the Internet.

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Mozart's Cafe


Mozart’s Coffee is located on Lake Austin a couple miles west of downtown Austin. It can be busy most of the day, not only because they serve awesome tasty coffee, but because of all the other restaurants on the river. Mozart’s has lots of options from food, that keep the jitters at bay, to a whole host of coffee options. It also has one of the best views of any coffee cafe in the area.

Mozart’s fronts the river and you can relax upstairs or downstairs, indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. You can hang out for hours writing or reading at a picnic table and watch the water flow, as well as the boats slipping in and out of the marina. If you are here later in the year around Christmas, there is a delightful light show they put on. Have a grand time with new friends drinking coffee or hot chocolate and watching the colors dance across the buildings.