3 One-of-a-Kind Things About Boerne, Texas

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Rich with Texas Hill Country tradition, Boerne is not just a blip on a GPS or a marker on Google Maps! Sitting 30 miles northwest of San Antonio, up I-10, this pretty little Texas town was named after for a Jewish-German author and publicist, Karl Ludwig Boerne and boasts a rich history. As an example, were you aware that Boerne came into being as a result of revolutions that took place in German states in 1848? An offshoot of what were termed the “Texas Hill Country Free Thinker Latin Settlements”, towns sprung up in the area resulting from a population influx of “Forty-Eighters” – people who had participated in the revolutions, known to be intellectuals, enjoying conversations in Latin and believing in utopian ideals, such as basic human rights for all. Sounds like something a true Texan would fight for, doesn’t it?! History tells that they often held socials, conversing on science, literature, philosophy, and music, and Boerne became a larger hub for such settlers (also known as “The Free Thinkers”) after preliminary settlements in Llano County failed to take. Now that you know that, here are some present-day facts you may have been unaware of about Boerne!

1. There’s a Natural, Living Cavern Just Minutes Away

3 One-Of-A-Kind Things About Boerne

Photo: Facebook/Cave Without a Name

Boerne can boast being only minutes from the Cave Without a Name, which is a natural, living cavern, which many have said is one of the most beautiful in all of Texas! The Cave features formations of stalactites, and stalagmites, together with other delicate formations such as soda straws (hollow mineral, cylindrical tubes), beautiful compositions of cave drapery, and so much more. Visitors can enjoy a tour of six major rooms in the Cave at a comfortable 66 degrees, year-round. It’s also been fitted with easy walkways and brilliant lighting to strategically display its natural magnificence. There are even concert events held in the Cave’s Throne Room, due to its wonderful natural acoustics – an experience which is incomparable!

2. It Has a State-of-the-Art Nature Center.

Cibolo Nature Center and Farm
Photo: Facebook/Cibolo Nature Center & Farm

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