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3 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook While Visiting The Alamo

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Before setting foot in the Alamo, it’s recommended that if you haven’t heard the story or learned the history (really, have you lived under a rock?), you take an opportunity to learn more about what exactly happened at the mission. You can do so by book, magazine and online articles, and even by movie. The story of the 189 Texans, Tejanos, and settlers that defended the besieged mission for 13 days against General Santa Anna and his army is a great way for both you and your kids to learn more together, and adds an additional layer of depth in understanding about the battle which completely belies the serene setting that exists there today. If you’re quite familiar with the story, however, and you’re simply looking forward to the inspiration you’ll feel upon entering the site, here are three things that you shouldn’t overlook while you’re visiting the Alamo.

1. The Shrine of Texas Liberty

3 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook While Visiting The Alamo

Photo: Flickr/Texas State Library and Archives Commission

While most people are taking a picture out front, a short wait and walk away is the Shrine itself, which is large, with lots to see. Rooms on the left are available for walk-through, and displays on the right feature a lot of artifacts, including Bowie’s knife & vest. The back wall of the Shrine holds a special memorial to all of the women and men who lost their lives in the battle. Be prepared to put away your phones and cameras, as no pictures are allowed in the Shrine, which works to allow you to focus and actually be present. In respect, gentlemen are also asked to remove their hats, you’re asked to speak in a low tone, and no open food or drink containers are allowed.

2. The Grounds and Gardens

3 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook While Visiting The Alamo
Photo: Wikimedia

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