3 Top-Notch Barbecue Sides to Complete Your Summer Cookout

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Having the perfect summertime cookout ranks right up there with pulling off the highest score on a test, acing a hole-in-one, or visiting the State Fair of Texas and having come away with zero grease stains on your shirt after having sampled all the deep-fried foods. It’s epic! So, ensuring that you have the right sides to complement the fantastic Texas barbecue you’re about to pull off can only make it better. Here are three top-notch sides to complete your summer cookout that will leave more than your dog drooling!

1. Dill Pickle Potato Salad


Photo: Facebook/9Recipes

Pleasing not only the salad fans but also the pickle fans, Dill Pickle Potato Salad can be made approximately two days prior to your barbecue and keep well in the refrigerator. An ingenious and tasty blend of potatoes, just the right seasoning, and, of course, dill pickles, it will make you a hero and you’ll barely have time to sample the goods before there’s nothing left but a spoon gently resting at the bottom of an empty bowl! Get the recipe at or try this one from Country Living.

2. Chili Lime Corn on the Cob


Photo: Wikimedia/SimpleFoodie

Putting your absolute, best foot forward, you most definitely have to have corn on the cob at your summer cookout! Instead of the standard butter and salt mix…which, by the way, is absolute heaven-on-earth as it is…why not dress it up a touch with this awesome recipe from Food Network’s Guy Fieri.

3. Classic Creamy Coleslaw


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There are not too many barbecue sides that come out these days which can compete with a classic creamy coleslaw like Grandma used to make. And the combination of that cool cabbage and dressing with the greatest grilling you’ve ever accomplished will have the neighbors talking for years to come! If you haven’t already found a great recipe, has an excellent one that’s easy, tasty, and can be made in advance.