3 Ways to Bring a Taste of Autumn Into Your Home

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Autumn is finally here and for those of us living in the heart of Texas, we know what that means. Absolutely nothing, because it is still 90 degrees outside. Although our great state is famous for many things, a predictable seasonal pattern is not exactly one of them. However, for many people, the thought of cooler weather, colorful scarves, and pumpkin spice gives them all the warm and fuzzies. Below are three ways you can make the inside of your home feel totally fall-like even when it still feels like summer on the outside.

1. Bring In the Scents of the Season

pumpkins and candle

Photo: Pixabay

The first step toward creating an autumnal haven is incorporating the scents of the season.  From potpourri mixes and wax melts to candles and essential oil blends,  there are a number of ways to bring cozy fall aromas to your home. The key is to look for hints of cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg. A good rule of thumb: let your nose be your guide. If the smell makes you think of grandma’s apple pie or a relaxing walk through the woods on a cool, crisp morning, then you have probably found the perfect match.

2. Add a Touch of Color

Annie Spratt Cozy Colors

Photo: Unsplash

A key part of fall that many people love is the changing colors of foliage. Reds, yellows, and oranges in various shades all around evoke a sense of anticipation as the promise of cooler weather seems just around the corner. A great way to harness that energy is by bringing the colors of fall indoors. A simple red throw blanket casually draped across a chair or a selection of autumn-themed throw pillows strategically placed can add just a tasteful hint of seasonal decor without going over the top.

3. Decorate With Nature’s Bounty

Autumn Leaves

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The final step in getting your home ready for fall is to incorporate nature’s bounty. A quick walk through your neighborhood might yield a multitude of materials. Leaves in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, used in conjunction with twine or ribbon, can create a simple banner. Acorns, or other nut varieties,  placed inside a clear vase or mason jar can become beautiful centerpieces. Of course, pumpkins and gourds are oftentimes found at your local grocer and are wonderful items to utilize in your autumn decor.

Here in Texas, the seasons tend to keep us on our toes as we never know exactly what might be thrown our way. However, regardless of what might be happening outside, you can still make your home feel like a fall paradise on the inside.