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3 Ways to Make Memories With Your Family This Fall Season

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Autumn has officially arrived and with it comes more opportunities to make unforgettable memories with both friends and family. Although it seems schedules become more hectic when school is back in session, there are still a number of ways to celebrate the fall season. Below are three ways you and your family can make the most of what this beloved season has to offer.

1. Pick Your Own Pumpkins at the Local Pumpkin Patch

Plan a visit to a pumpkin patch

Photo: MarLee Berry

A tried and true method for creating memories during the fall season is a visit to the local pumpkin patch. Oftentimes, these venues offer more than just a plethora of vine ripened produce. Activities for the whole family, from hayrides to petting zoos, provide plenty of entertainment for an all-day excursion. At the end of your visit, have each member of your family choose their favorite gourd and let the fun continue at home with a jack-o-lantern carving party! To find a pumpkin patch near you, follow this link to browse listings by region and by county.

2. Get Lost in a Corn Maize

Corn Field by Julia Bielawska

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Yet another favorite fall activity is a visit to the corn maze. You can find a number of these venues sprinkled throughout the Hill Country. Sometimes, the layout of the maze even pays homage to a special cause, like this Texas Strong maze located in La Vernia, Texas. Some locales here in the heart of the Lone Star state include:

For an extra dose of fun, visit the maze with a large group, then split into teams to see who can make it to the end first. It is sure to be a great time!

3. Have a Spooky Movie Night

Skull Photo by Cristian Grecu

Photo: Unsplash

If a family night-in is more your style snuggle down for a movie night with a Halloween theme. Build a fort with an assortment of blankets and pillows, grab your favorite movie snacks, and prepare for a night of fright by watching your favorite spooky film.

For extra thrills, move your movie outdoors with the use of a projector and large sheet. The combination of chilly autumn air and almost complete darkness will be sure to leave you covered with goosebumps.

Whichever route you choose to take, a pumpkin picking adventure or a family night on the couch, there are a number of ways to celebrate the fall season. Just be sure to remember, this season comes only once a year so make the most of it while you can!