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3 Ways to Make Your Super Bowl Party Stand Out

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While the upcoming Super Bowl LI in Houston will be one of the biggest NFL game of the year, for many people, that Sunday (February 5) will have little to do with football, and more to do with getting together with family and friends for a Super Bowl party. The food, the drinks and the gang that’s getting together are usually the biggest aspects of the entire day (and night) for them. In Texas, we know how to go big, or go home, and a Super Bowl party should be nothing less! They can attract a wide variety of attendee, from the die-hard football fan to the casual fan to the ones who haven’t seen a game all season, but come for the food (and the beer.) If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, here are 3 ways to make it stand out in the crowd.

Set Up a Bit of Two-Hand Touch Football Before the Live Game

3 Ways to Make Your Super Bowl Party Stand Out

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With Super Bowl LI starting at 6:30 p.m. ET, that doesn’t mean the fun has to wait until then to get started. Work off the calories you’re about to ingest during the game with a football game of your own. Teams, cheering squads, and kids can get involved as well, it’s good to toss around the pigskin before having some pork rinds.

Offer a Variety of Food and Drinks

3 Ways to Make Your Super Bowl Party Stand Out

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For the most part, the standard wings, beer, and pizza apply. But your friends and family will remember your party more, not to mention your mad skills in the kitchen, if you coordinate a little something more. Create your own party menu by taking hints from online articles or Pinterest posts. Look to finger foods, but perhaps with a little design appeal (like a cream cheese dip shaped like a football) or a few more ingredients than just cheese and crackers. The options are endless depending on your budget and the time you actually want to spend prepping and preparing things. Remember the goal here, too is for you to enjoy the game and the party, and not to be stuck still cooking while everything’s going on. And in terms of drinks, a nice mix of soda, wine, and beer could go a long way towards having a memorable night, but the better memory is making sure all of your friends and family get home safely, so perhaps have them stay over if they’ve imbibed, or set up sober drivers beforehand.

Have Prizes for Game Predictions

3 Ways to Make Your Super Bowl Party Stand Out

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If the game turns out to be a no-brainer, your guests will leave happy if they walk out with a prize. Have your guests make game predictions for certain plays, longest yards passed or ran, etc. Winners could get little dollar store prizes or big team-focused or Houston-focused prizes. Even having free face painting or noise-makers as favors will be remembered and appreciated by your guests. And most of all, have fun!