3 of the Most Watched Willie Nelson YouTube Videos

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Willie Nelson could get YouTube video views standing all alone in an empty room, singing absolutely nothing at all, but would that really be necessary? No. Why? Because the man has scored some stellar ratings from fans around the world that tune in online to watch this Texas troubadour sing some of their favorites in a style that has been described as a distinctive blend of country music. A hybrid, of sorts, infused with jazz, blues, rock, and folk, his version of various songs have been the soundtrack to many a listener’s life. Subsequently, here are three of the most watched Willie Nelson YouTube videos, by sheer number. Have a look, and maybe give a listen!

1. ‘Always On My Mind’

3 of the Most Watched Willie Nelson YouTube Videos

Photo: Facebook/MusicVaultz

With 38 million views since its uploading eight years ago, the YouTube video for “Always On My Mind” ranks highest in terms of the number of views. Uploaded to the WillieNelsonVEVO channel, the video is as soothing as you would imagine. Here’s the link to this melodious masterpiece. Props to Nelson on his performance in this official video. It really gets you right in the feels.

2. ‘Seven Spanish Angels’

3 of the Most Watched Willie Nelson YouTube Videos

Photo: Facebook/Ray Charles

A close second in the most-watched category is the song “Seven Spanish Angels.” Done as a duet with the late, great Ray Charles, this song skyrocketed up the charts and fans continue to listen and purchase remastered releases to this day. With 35 million views, this video has made the list and stole the hearts of fans. It tends to generate a tear every time it’s played, either from memories or sheer joy at the beauty with which the song is sung. Shared on the WillieNelsonVEVO channel, here is the link to this wonderful piece.

3. ‘Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’

3 of the Most Watched Willie Nelson YouTube Videos
Photo: Facebook/Willie Nelson

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