30-Hour Coffin Challenge Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

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Six lucky people will spend 30 hours in a coffin in a contest hosted by Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. Why is that lucky? Because now, out of 800 registrants, these six people have the chance to win $300 cash as well as 2019 Gold Season Passes and Express Haunted House Passes to this Texas Hill Country amusement park – and they get to keep the coffins.

Described by Six Flags Fiesta Texas as being “deluxe, slightly used,” coffins, these vessels which are generally recognized as the final resting place for human remains will now be souvenirs (of sorts) for the contestants. In a press release from the company, Six Flags Chief Marketing Officer Brett Petit noted, “The 30-Hour Coffin Challenge has taken the country by storm…everybody wants in.” The Hill Country park contest announcement came following the Six Flags St. Louis launch of their similar event in September. It attracted over 25K registrants and made national news, sparking the idea to roll it out over all 15 North American Six Flags’ locations.

30-Hour Coffin Challenge Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Photo: Facebook/Six Flags Fiesta Texas

The contest will commence on October 12 at 1 p.m. and is anticipated to last through October 13 at 7 p.m. For the length of their coffin stay, these avid registrants are allowed hourly, 6-minute bathroom breaks. There will be phone-charging stations available on-site and all of their meals will be provided by the park. The contestants are allowed to bring moral support with them in the form of friends who can stay during regular Six Flags Fiesta Texas operating hours. However, after the park closes, these friends are required to leave, and “Fright Fest Freaks” will make their appearance. It’s definitely a unique way to bring out Halloween lovers as well as Six Flags Fiesta Texas fans, and it’s a win-win for the park. Will it be a hit or a coffin-snooze-fest? We’ll have to ask the successful contestant!