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Police Responded to Over 300 Calls During the Terrifying Austin Bombings

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A series of explosions that took place in Austin over a period of three weeks led to the dispatching of bomb technicians to over 300 calls regarding suspicious packages. According to reports by NBC DFW and the Austin American-Statesman, robots that are specially designed and developed to seek out and handle potentially explosive items were used in seven of these calls, deployed as a safety precaution. Similarly, robots were used in the search of suspect Mark Anthony Conditt’s home.

Authorities Responded to More Than 300 Calls During Austin Bombings

Photo: Facebook/Newschannel 6 KAUZ

As of March 20, a total of 5 bombs had detonated in the area, and two more exploded prior to Conditt’s death. In total, two people were killed and many more were severely wounded. Investigators have ascertained that Conditt used a device of his own design to blow himself up when authorities made their approach on his SUV just before daybreak, on March 21.

Authorities Responded to More Than 300 Calls During Austin Bombings

Photo: Facebook/WN.com – World News

After the bombings began on March 2, Austin Police lieutenant Courtney Renfro noted that the city received 2,500 calls regarding suspicious packages. Residents had been urged by authorities in Austin not to take any chances when dealing with a potentially dangerous package, and to call 911. Since Conditt’s death, they also advised it was possible that more packages may have been distributed throughout the city, asking residents to continue being vigilant. However, to date there have been no additional incidents or explosions.