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4 Ways to Relish in the Weirdness of Austin

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It is well-known around Texas that Austin is weird. It is the city that just doesn’t quite fit in with Texas’ more traditional cowboy culture. However, rich in music, arts, and an eclectic indie culture, Austinites completely embrace who they are with absolutely no apologies. They are who they are, so on your next trip to perhaps the weirdest city in the nation, be sure to take the time to embrace the unique culture Austin takes so much pride in. Here are four ways to completely relish in Austin’s weirdness.

1. Eat from the secret menu at Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's Tacos AustinPhoto: 365 Things Austin

Torchy’s Tacos came to the Austin scene in 2006 as a humble taco trailer. Torchy’s quickly expanded their reach to the rest of the state. Their tacos are that good. Now they have 30 locations around Texas, but 12 of those locations are located throughout Austin. What makes Torchy’s even more awesome is their “sacred” secret menu. However, you can’t just show up and ask for their secret menu. You need to know the code words. Hint: there are seven of them!

2. Graffiti the walls of Castle Hill

Castle Hill AustinPhoto:

Located near Whole Foods on Baylor and 11th St. is Castle Hill and its three story high wall of graffiti. Locals and visitors alike head to the walls to leave their mark of the world in fantastic artistic display. Not really a graffiti master? That’s ok. Many find the walls of Castle Hill an interesting place to stroll and scope out the artwork.

3. Strip it down at Hippie Hollow


Ever wondered what it would be like to be a nudist? Or maybe you already are! Hippie Hollow is a securely nestled 109-acre park, which allows its visitors to get back to the basics and enjoy the Hill Country scenery in nothing but their birthday suit. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into the nudist lifestyle, no worries. Nudity is optional.

4. Escape to Casa Neverlandia for the afternoon

Casa Neverlandia AustinPhoto: The Daily Texan

An old 1917 bungalow was renovated into a delightful mosaic house of art and splendor by owner James Talbot. This house was transformed through the use of repurposed salvaged items and uses solar panels as a main energy source, making it perhaps the greenest house in Austin. What makes this home truly unique is its eclectic display of art and culture that will take its visitors on their own walk through Neverland.