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4th Graders Around the World Enjoy the ‘Every Kid in a Park Program’

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With summer winding down, what better way to get ready for school and apply for the “Every Kid in a Park Program“? It’s a program specifically set “to give every U.S. 4th grader and his or her family free access to 2000+ federally managed lands and waters,” shares its website.

Bridging the gap between nature and the next generation, Every Kid in a Park program seeks to help build a greater connection between the great outdoors and students. Teaching them the importance of protecting our parks and wildlife while also inspiring them to be “future environmental stewards ready to protect and preserve these natural and historic treasures for many years to come,” shares its Facebook page. 

With the opportunity to visit America’s parks, lands and wildlife across the globe, fourth graders, and their family are getting a lifetime opportunity to explore some of the best outdoor fun our great states have to offer.

How it works is you apply for your pass online at Fourth graders, parents, and educators are eligible for passes. With your pass, fourth graders can bring their family and friends for free fun adventures all year long.

Print your pass and bring with you as you set out to your destination. It’s a good idea to set a game plan and plan your trip so you are ready to hit the road. The sky’s the limit as you can “bike through a forest, walk in a desert, and see a whale burst through the ocean’s surface,” shares its website. “See America’s natural wonders and historic sites. Explore ancient dwellings. See a waterfall taller than a building, all for free!”

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