5 Celebrities That Aren’t From Texas, but Should be

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I’m not from Texas. I moved to Kerrville 25 years ago just as I was entering junior high. At the time venturing from the East Coast to the middle of Texas, even if it was the Hill Country, seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen. Over time I began to appreciate the scenic views, the slower country life, and all the qualities that make Texas and her people fantastic.

Like me, there are many people in our country, particularly celebrities that would be a great fit in Texas. Whether it’s their bravado, their outdoorsy nature, or their personalities, these five folks would fit in quite nicely in the Lone Star State, and some have already joined our ranks.

1. Chuck Norris

Photo: Facebook/Chuck Norris

Maybe this one is a little cliché, but give him a chance and you’ll find Chuck is true Texas material. Of course, there is the obvious fact that he played in the hit TV series “Walker Texas Ranger.” I imagine that many Texas Rangers balk at the idea that a black belt is needed to do the job, but you have to admit, a few windmill kicks and some butt-kicking isn’t such a bad thing.

Born in Oklahoma on March 10, 1940 (that’s crazy!), Chuck Norris is an accomplished television and movie actor but is also highly successful in his personal life. He is the first Westerner to achieve an 8th Grand Master Rating in the 4,500-year history of Tae Kwon Do. Norris is also a best-selling author and a six-time World Professional Middle Weight Karate Champion.

Additionally, the legend of Norris is nearly as large as Texas itself. More important than the legend is the fact he is socially active (no not just social media) and he’s a veteran. He is a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment and is an active supporter of our military service members. He also started a program called “Kickstart Kids,” helping at-risk kids to develop “strong moral character through martial arts.” The program has graduated 85,000 children since 1992.

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