5 Cryptids of the Texas Hill Country Lurking in Your Neck of the Woods

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Legends and tall tales of the Texas Hill Country abound. Stories including cryptids are no exception. Although many tales may begin as true stories based on real events, once passed down, the tales take on supernatural elements.

Such is the case with a cryptid. Cryptids are simply a species of animal that is reported to be real, but has yet to be proven scientifically. Here are five cryptids from the Texas Hill Country.

1. The Bear King of Marble Falls

The ferocious bear king

Photo: Pinterest/jamescapper3

The story of the Bear King is based both on Kickapoo Indian folklore and a 1901 newspaper article printed in The Washington Bee. For the Kickapoos, The Bear King was a creature that ruled over and protected them from bears.

As for its appearance in Marble Falls, the report from The Washington Bee describes a young woman being carried off by a hairy humanlike creature that ran very fast on all fours.

According to report, the young woman, Ramie Arland was held captive and beaten by the beast. Allegedly the beast promptly fell asleep and Arland promptly escaped where she returned to town with this tale. Many cryptozoologists believe the bear king to be a Bigfoot type creature or unknown species of great ape.

2. The Donkey Lady of San Antonio

The elm creek bridge, where the donkey lady appears.

 The story of The Donkey Lady as it is known, is part ghost story, part urban legend and part cryptozoology mystery. There are many different versions of the tale.

Here are the basics: A woman was trapped in a house fire. Some versions say her husband started the fire and she was trapped inside with her kids, yet others mark the culprit as a young rich kid who was hassled by the woman’s donkey. So a mob of the young man’s affluent friends set fire to the barn and the woman was burned trying to save the donkey. In either case, she was horribly mutilated in the fire.

Ever since, people have reported hearing strange noises and seeing a ghastly figure in the Elm Creek area of South San Antonio. There are even reports of the figure jumping on the hood of people’s cars, leaving odd hoof-like dents.

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