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5 Hill Country Hotspots to Get a True to Texas Chicken Fried Steak

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You can’t visit the Texas Hill Country without trying the one dish considered perhaps the most definitively Texan: chicken fried steak. It’s such a Texas staple that the state legislature signed a resolution officially declaring October 26th Chicken Fried Steak Day.

The origin of this country favorite is most likely traced back to the Germans who settled in Texas beginning in the 1830s. Thousands of German pioneers brought their old country recipes and cooking styles to the Hill Country. One of their dishes was Wiener schnitzel, butterflied veal or pork cutlet which was pounded, dipped in bread combs and eggs, and deep-fried. Veal and pork were not so plentiful in Texas. However, beef was easy to come by, particularly during the 1860s when Texas raised great numbers of cattle to provide the Confederacy with beef. It was probably during this time German immigrants began using beef instead of the traditional veal—a change which ultimately led to the modern chicken fried steak.

Where’s the “best” place to eat a chicken fried steak in the Texas Hill Country? No matter how you answer the question, you’re sure to provoke a passionate response from fans of the dish, who are always quick to offer their own favorite diners as the home of the greatest chicken fried. Nonetheless, we’ve got five solid contenders for the title of world heavyweight chicken fried steak champion.

1. Broken Spoke

5 Hill Country Hotspots to Get a True to Texas Chicken Fried Steak

Photo: Broken Spoke

Located on S. Lamar Blvd. in Austin, the great thing about Broken Spoke is not only can you gorge yourself on their delicious chicken fried, but afterwards you can two-step off the extra calories on their dance floor.

2. Threadgill’s

5 Hill Country Hotspots to Get a True to Texas Chicken Fried Steak
Photo: Threadgill’s Facebook

Threadgill’s chicken fried is world famous—and deservedly so! The establishment is just as legendary as their food. It was at Threadgill’s that Janis Joplin developed her musical style. Threadgill’s is located on Riverside Dr. in Austin.

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