5 Genius Microwave Hacks That Will Save You Time

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Sometimes it’s easy to overlook other uses for appliances in the kitchen. These five microwave hacks, however, will be burned in your brain.

Before we get into the hacks, it’s important to note that you should only be putting microwave safe containers into the microwave. Not doing so can result in some unsafe kitchen situations.

The first hack they test is popping garlic in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Place on a plate, remove, and voila! It peels in twice the amount of time it normally would take. No more garlic under your fingernails from trying to peel it.

The second hack involves making hard taco shells by simply curling a flour tortilla in a mug to get the perfect shape. Heat for 1 minute and boom, hard taco shells shaped and ready to go.

Drying herbs on a paper towel in the microwave is easy as 90 seconds in this video, which is great for any little DIY or cooking projects that call unexpectedly for dried herbs.

Making a healthier potato chip alternative is perfect for the microwave, too. Just be sure to slice them paper-thin so they crisp up nicely, and don’t skimp on the toppings like olive oil and pepper. Heat for 5 minutes, checking every 30 seconds.

The last and possibly best hack? Make quick scrambled eggs in the morning by adding milk and any preferred toppings to a mug. Heat for 1 minute and there you have it, easy breakfast on the go.