Pin the Peach: 5 Palatable Peach Recipes to Add to Your Pinterest Board

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When the temperatures rise and fresh Texas peaches hit the market, you need to pull out all your peach recipes. Ripe, juicy peaches taste sweet and compliment a variety of foods, from savory to sweet. If you need more inspiration for using your peaches, try these pinnable recipes.

1. Peaches and Cream Pie Bars

Peaches and Cream Pie Bars

Photo: Pinterest/The Recipe Critic

Hybrid desserts often are crowd favorites among peach recipes because they satisfy many tastes. When you cannot decide between peach pie and cheesecake bars, make this recipe from The Recipe Critic. To save time, this recipe uses canned peach pie filling, but if you have a favorite pie filling recipe, use that.

2. Peach Oatmeal Muffins

Peach Recipes Oatmeal Muffins

Photo: Pinterest/Six Sisters’ Stuff

Looking for something different for breakfast? Why not choose muffins from your stash of peach recipes? Six Sisters’ Stuff peach oatmeal muffins use fresh peaches and wholesome oatmeal for a healthy breakfast alternative to drive-through sandwiches.

3. Honey Peach BBQ Sauce

Peach BBQ Sauce

Photo: Pinterest/Rock Recipes

Though most Texas barbecue needs little sauce, if you want to add some sweet heat to your chicken or pork, try Rock Recipes’s honey peach BBQ sauce. The long cooking time slowly melds the flavors for a rich sauce that boldly enhances the smoky flavor of grilled meats.

4. Peach Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Peach Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Photo: Pinterest/Miss in the Kitchen

Who says that you can’t have pie for breakfast? Miss in the Kitchen brings you peach pie cinnamon rolls. Instead of just cinnamon, flavorful peach preserves fill the rolls, and feel free to use your own peach preserves or jam to make this recipe your own.

5. Peach Preserves

Peach Preserves

Photo: Pinterest/Batter and Dough

Homemade peach preserves greatly surpass the flavor of store-bought preserves. Make this Batter and Dough a staple in your home. This recipe makes eight jars, which will be enough to keep you enjoying peaches long after the season has ended. Homemade preserves also make great gifts and ingredients in other peach recipes.