5 Places to Meet Texas Hill Country Phantoms

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Known for its welcoming and friendly spirit, it is easily assumed that once you get to Texas, you don’t want to leave. The same goes for our “nearly” departed spirits. Almost gone, but not forgotten! You don’t have to dig too deep to have close encounters with them. Apparently, they like people and fun places. They like hanging around the same haunts as the rest of us. They love the Hill Country! San Antonio, Austin, and New Braunfels seem to have their fair share of ghostly guests. Meet some of the famous phantoms in Central Texas.

1. Spooky Happenings at the Emily Morgan Hotel.

Photo: Flickr/Scutter

The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio was a cutting edge medical arts complex. It was a hospital as well as a crematorium. So it is no surprise to ghost enthusiasts that phantoms still inhabit the building. Hotel guests report ringing phones in the middle of the night. They answer and no one is on the other end. The TV and the lights turn on. A woman dressed in white appears and quickly disappears again.

2. Meet the Mistress of Littlefield House.

Photo: Flickr/Jimmy Emerson, DVM

The gorgeous Littlefield House in Austin is allegedly visited by its former mistress. Alice Littlefield was reportedly insane and seldom left the house. And Alice is apparently still there because people profess to have heard her on the piano or wandering aimlessly upstairs.

3. Have a Spine-Tingling Experience at the Driskill Hotel.

Photo: Flickr/John Rogers

The exclusive and renown Driskill Hotel in Austin has a few spine-tingling secrets behind its glorious facade. Witnesses report see-through images sitting in chairs or against the windows. They give accounts of chills, goose bumps, and bizarre sensations creeping along their arms and faces. Guests report sounds of people upstairs when no one is there. On the third floor hangs a portrait of a little girl holding a small bunch of flowers. Guests report that this little girl gives them a feeling of being lifted into the air by their heels! This feeling is so strong that their sense of balance is off for a few hours. Reportedly, a few too many imbibed spirits can also affect and unbalance that equilibrium.

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