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5 Amazing Rooftop Bars in Downtown Austin

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Tony Maples Photography


If there is anything Austinites loves as much as live music it’s cocktails. Oh and maybe being outside. While listening to live music. Drinking cocktails. So it comes as no surprise that Austin has some pretty amazing rooftop and terrace bars. If you find yourself in downtown Austin, stop in for a cocktail at one of these fine establishments and catch a band or two while you’re at it..

1. The Market

The Market Roof Top Bar

Photo: Jessica Pickett

The exposed brick walls, repurposed pallet railing, elegant high-back leather chairs, and whiskey barrels tastefully mingle the building’s industrial history with its current finer tastes. Grab a Butter Pecan Manhattan or UTexican Mule when you come in then make your way up to the Tap Room. While there try a Brewrita or Weissen Sour to sip on until you find yourself on the Rooftop. Cool off with Canadian Red Head or Market Mojito while admiring Austin’s skyline.

2. Shiner’s Saloon

Beer on tap

Photo: Texas Tribune/Jacob Villanueva

Sporting 32 beers on tap and live music every night, Shiner’s is throwing out a distinct Texas Hill Country Vibe. Put in a game of Giant Connect Four at the roof top bar then swig your Shiner at one of the picnic table lit by sting lights. The exposed brick and rusted corrugated tin add to the casual atmosphere overlooking  5th and Congress.

3. Hangar Lounge

Hangar Lounge

Photo: Jessica Pickett

For a high-flying retro vibe, swoop into the Hangar Lounge. The Hangar is bedecked with vintage blue and weathered leather hues then accented with riveted stainless steel, reminiscent of a 1950’s aviator’s lounge. Catch a game in the plush Admiral’s Club on the second landing overseeing the main floor. Or climb up to the Rooftop Deck where metal midcentury seating is casually arranged around the large metal hangar that serves as the bar. Revel in the sweeping downtown views while sipping on your Old Fashioned.

4. Stephen F’s Bar and Terrace at The Intercontinental

Stephen F's Bar and Terrace in The InterContinental

Photo: Jessica Pickett

While not exactly a rooftop bar, the Stephen F’s upscale bar is located on the second floor of The InterContinental and extends onto a terrace overlooking Congress and 7th. The only terraced bar on Congress Avenue and just a few blocks from the Capital, Stephen F’s offers unparalleled views of State Capital building and downtown.

5. Speakeasy’s

Speakeasy Roof Top Bar

Photo: Jessica Pickett

Since 1997, The Speakeasy has transported patrons back in time to the Roaring 20s. Sip your Godfather by candle light while stretched out on one of the antique leather couches or savor a Mint Julep between turns bowling on two vintage bowling lanes. From the Bowling Mezzanine, saunter up the 59 steps to Lounge Terrace59 where grand view of Austin’s downtown skyline awaits. Be sure to keep an eye out for celebrities as this is a favorite haunt for many when visiting Austin.