5 Things You Didn’t Know About Boerne, Texas

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Boerne might seem like just a blip on the GPS somewhere southwest of Austin, near San Antonio. This little Hill Country town was named after the Jewish German author Karl Ludwig Borne and boasts a rich and somewhat quirky history. Here are a few facts you might not have known about Boerne!

1. The “Oldest Continuously Organized German Band in the World Outside Germany Itself” lives there.

Boerne Village Band

Photo: tshaonline.org

The Boerne Village Band was organized in Karl Dienger in 1860 to complement the singing festivals with band music. Through the Civil War period and both world wars, the band continued to practice and stay active. The band has stayed organized for over 150 years and continues to practice regularly and perform its traditional German music at fairs, festivals and other events.

2. It has an Old West town filmmakers love.

Enchanted Springs Ranch

Photo: enchantedspringsranch-crazycow.com

Enchanted Springs Ranch features an authentic Old West town, exotic animal park, and tractor wagon rides. The stage shows and skits include two-time World Champion Gun Twirler, Pistol Packin’ Paula. It is also a full-service filming destination with over 183 film shoots to date.

3. It is home to a world-class nature center.

Cibolo Nature Center

Photo: cibolo.org

The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm is located on part of the land that once comprised the Herff Ranch, established in 1852 by Dr. Ferdinand Herff. It now has four distinct ecosystems and provides nature-centric education, research and outdoor activities for more than 100,000 visitors a year.

4. It is minutes from a natural living cavern.

Cave Without A Name

Photo: Todd Leckie

The Cave Without a Name is a beautiful natural living cavern about 10 minutes outside of Boerne. It has six rooms filled with awe-inspiring formations. It stays at a cool 66 degrees year round, so it’s a great place to beat the heat in the summer months.

5. History is everywhere!

Ye Kendall Inn

Photo: yekendallinn.com

Boerne has a plethora of historic structures to visit. Visitors can book a room or take a tour of Ye Kenall Inn, which was a stagecoach stop in 1859. The Kendall Country Courthouse and Jail are a short walk away. The courthouse was built in 1870, and the limestone jail was added in 1887.