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5 Marvelous Things To Do in Mason, Texas

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The city of Mason, Texas is rightfully known as the “the gem of the Hill Country.” It is a charming combination of rugged Texas landscape and unique historic, recreational, and cultural opportunities for all. Here are just a few of the many things to explore in Mason.

1. Visit Fort Mason’s Only Remaining Site

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Photo: Reveley

Fort Mason is an important part of Texas History. Visit the only remaining site of the once protective building. The fort was part of the string of forts established in 1848 to protect westward settlers, and the fort was named after Lt. George Mason, who had died at Fort Brown during the Mexican War.

2. Indulge your creative side at the Artisan Gallery.

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“The Mason Artisan Gallery offers a wide variety of local art, ranging from oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to handmade wooden boxes and canes, silver hand crafted jewelry, ceramics, hand-quilted items, and decorated gourds.” their website states.

3. Eat, drink, and be merry at Lea Lou Co-Op.

Lea Lou in Mason, Texas


Lea Lou Co-Op is a new and unique addition to the eclectic collection that is Mason. It’s a Dance Hall that serves build-your-own pizza, gourmet salads and they bring in renowned live entertainment. Find them on Facebook.

4. Visit the Sandstone Cellars Winery.

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If you want something unique, then look no further. Sandstone Cellars is a boutique winery and wine bar that offers their own label and other fine Texas wines. Find them on Facebook.

5. Take a safari…in the Hill Country.

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Once again laying truth to the claim that Mason is as unique as it is historic. The Star S. Ranch offers guests an African safari right in the heart of the Hill Country. Starting in 1996, the Scott family started with a vision of creating a ranch that incorporated the best of their Texas and African hunting experiences. Learn more or schedule a tour at