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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Buda

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While some may have categorized the city of Buda as “way far South Austin”, Buda has a style and personality all of its own. Buda is currently one of the fastest growing communities in the Hill Country. Here are five things you may not know about Buda and its history.

1. Buda is part of Film Friendly Texas

Downtown Buda


Because Buda offers mouth-watering scenery, it is often scouted as a location for television and film. Film Friendly Texas trains local organizations on how to market their communities for film and how to work with filmmakers while filming in their communities. Stay on the lookout for future work with the film industry in Buda.

2. Buda is named after a hotel.

Railroad to Buda


During the railroad era in Texas history, Buda, formerly known as DuPre, was a popular stop for travelers and railroad workers. The spot’s popularity was derived from the Carrigan Hotel which provided room and board and hearty meals for those passing through.

Allegedly, two widows handled all the cooking duties in the hotel. Spanish speaking clients referred to them as “viudas” (vee—ooo—da), Buda being a variation of that Spanish word. The hotel, while officially titled The Carrigan, was often referred to as the “viudas” hotel or “Buda”.

3. Was home to a community of emancipated slaves

Antioch Colony School


Shortly after The Civil War, former slaves seeking settlement and work banded together and formed a colony in what is present-day Buda. The settlement eventually became known as Antioch Colony.

It was primarily a farming colony and remained segregated until 1961. By this time, the colony was mostly abandoned, but in the 1970s ancestors of the original colony members began to return and buy back their land.

4. Buda is “The Outdoor Capital of Texas”

Outdoor Capital of Texas

Because of the scenery, lifestyle, and many public parks, Buda has become known as “The Outdoor Capital of Texas”. Buda features several public parks within walking distance of the historic downtown district.

The real reason Buda was given this title is due to one of the businesses stationed in town. Cabela’s Outfitters chose Buda as a site for a brick and mortar retail store, one of the outfitter’s few retail locations in the country. The store is located just south of downtown next to the water tower.

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