5 Things You Didn’t Know About Richland Springs

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Richland Springs may be just another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it small Texas town in the northern edges of the Hill Country but, like most of these towns, it is home to people of Texas-sized grit and tenacity. Located 15 miles northwest of San Saba on U.S. Hwy 190, Richland Springs was settled in 1854 and steadily drew in more and more families. By 1890 the promise of a thriving agriculture future brought in a bank, newspaper and railway linking Galveston to Amarillo. This budding agriculture community took a hard blow in the form of The Great Depression, rebounded during World War II, then took another on the chin in the 1950s when a three year drought crippled the town’s economy. But that hasn’t kept Richland Springs from making a name for itself. Here are five things you might not know about this Texas Hill Country Town.

1. The High School Football Team Has Won 7 of Their 8 State Championship Appearances

Richlands Springs Coyotes

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Like in most Texas towns high school football is king, even if the school has less than 100 students enrolled from kindergarten to 12th grade. Not having enough boys to make up a 11-man football team just isn’t an acceptable excuse to not play under the Friday night lights. The Richland Springs Coyotes, like more than 200 other teams throughout Texas, play six-man football. And the Coyotes play it well. Having won 7 of their 8 State Championship appearances (2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2015), the Coyotes have the most state titles by any six-man football team.

2. Tyler Etheridge, RS Coyote Quarterback, holds National High school Record for Most Touchdown Passes – 230 To Be Exact

Tyler Etheridge Richland Springs Coyotes

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As a Richland Springs Coyote, Tyler Etheridge put up some outstanding numbers. Like 4,536 which is his total career rushing yards, 56 which is his total career wins (with only 1 loss), and 3 being the number of State Titles he won. But even though he crushed Chris Leak’s previous record of 185 touchdown passes with his own 230, you won’t find it in any of the national record books due to Leak’s played 11-man football and Etheridge 6-man.

3. The 2007 Coyote Team was Nominated as #45 Most Memorable Team in Texas History

Dave Campbell's Texas Football 50th Anniversary Cover

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Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is a biannual magazine that was founded in 1960 and is dedicated to extensively cover every high school, college and NFL team in the state of Texas. For their 50th Anniversary Edition, the Magazine ranked the 2007 Richland Springs Coyotes as the #45 Most Memorable Team in Texas History. This list consisted football teams from high schools through pro teams.

4. Richland Springs Is Home To Just Over 300 Residents

Richland Springs Texas Logo

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Before the Great Depression Richland Springs population was about 500 people strong with about 40 businesses. Rebounding during World War II, it’s population reached about 600 people. Never fully recovering from the devastating drought in the 50s, according to the 2010 Census Richland Springs is now home to 338 people.

5. Richland Springs covers only 1.0 square mile

Screen Shot of Richland Springs Texas

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A community of 300 or so persevering people, state champions, and national record holders come together to occupy the one square mile of Richland Springs. You know what they say about great things coming in small packages.