5 Trendy Hill Country Fashion Statements

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Why try to be fashionable if you don’t feel good in what you’re wearing? A lot of women out there often battle with this question. They want to look good in the newest, trendy styles, however, oftentimes those trendy clothes end up in the back of the closet to collect dust. Why? It doesn’t fit right, that color is all wrong, those shoes hurt my feet, when am I ever going to wear that again? Sound familiar?

It’s time to end the never-ending cycle of sending our misfit clothes to the dark abyss of what is known as our closets and liberate ourselves from fashion ideas that make us uncomfortable. As women, if we’re not comfortable in what we are wearing, we’re not confident in ourselves. So, without further ado, here are five trendy, yet comfortable, Hill Country fashion statements that will make you feel good in any situation.

Classic Hill Country Gal

Classic Texan Trendy FashionPhoto: TexanWear T-shirt available at, Montana Silversmiths Downy Feather Jewelry Set, available at Boot Barn, Easy DIY Cuffed Cutoffs Tutorial by Create/Enjoy blog, Bullhide Lucky Strike Panama Straw Cowgirl Hat, available at Shepler’s, Longhorn Belt Buckle, available at Etsy. Junk Gypsy Boots, available at Billy’s Western Wear.

Remember those cut-off shorts you used to make in high school? They are very much still in fashion. Why not go back in time a little? Grab those old pair of jeans, a pair of scissors, and get to creating your own trendy style! If you have never made a pair of cut-offs, no worries. This tutorial by Create/Enjoy will walk you through the process. When you are done, throw on those shorts with a sassy t-shirt, like the one above from our Texas Hill Country shop, and tie the look together with a pair of boots, a cowgirl hat, and a belt buckle that screams Texas gal.

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