Say That Again? 5 Unique Town Names in the Lone Star State

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The Lone Star State is known for many things, the unique names of some of its towns and cities being one of them. Although there are too many to condense into a single article, here are five uniquely named communities worthy of special attention.

1. Chillicothe, Texas

Mural in Chillicothe Texas

Photo: Facebook/Mario Fiammenghi

For a small town with a population of less than 800, Chillicothe sure is one mouthful of a name! Located along U.S. Highway 287, the town was founded in the 1880s. Its founder, A.E. Jones named it after his own hometown in Missouri. Apparently, the name is derived from a Shawnee Native American word meaning “big town.”

2. Cut and Shoot, Texas

Cut and Shoot Cowboy Church

Photo: Facebook/Cut and Shoot Cowboy Church

While Cut and Shoot is technically considered a city, its unique name granted it a spot on this list. According to the city’s website, the townspeople were involved in a heated debate sometime around 1912. An argument had arisen regarding exactly what religious denominations would be allowed to use the community’s church/school house. The confrontation appeared to be heading toward physical violence. Legend says a young boy wanting to avoid getting caught in the ruckus said he would, “…cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes…” The saying stuck and is how the city gained its distinct moniker.

3. Earth, Texas

Field and blue sky

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Yes, you read that correctly! The community of Earth is located one hour from Lubbock in the High Plains region. Originally dubbed Fairlawn, residents decided to change the town’s name once it was discovered another community already possessed that title. In 1925, citizens submitted their pick for a new handle. The winner was, of course, Earth.

4. Gun Barrel City, Texas

Gun Barrel City

Photo: Facebook/City of Gun Barrel City, Texas

Stationed in Henderson County, this city was also known by another name. Originally called Old Bethel Community, it became incorporated in the 1960s, and changed its name to Gun Barrel City at that time. According to Wikipedia, the name was adopted from State Highway 198’s former title, Gun Barrel Lane. During the Prohibition era, outlaws kept the road well-traveled, including the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

5. Niederwald, Texas

Niederwald, Texas

Photo: Facebook/Eccentric Nomads

A small community made up of less than 600 people, Niederwald, like many other cities throughout the state, has a rich German history. Meaning, “low wood” in German, the name came about from an abundance of mesquite trees in the original settlement area.


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