5 of the Most Unusual Texas High School Mascots

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In the world of Texas high schools, there are a few mascots that can be considered staples. Bulldogs, Panthers, Tigers, Owls, Mustangs, all of these are tried and true fixtures in the mascot realm. However, with a little digging, one can find some not-so-run-of-the-mill characters scattered throughout the state. In honor of the return of football season, here are five of the most unusual high school mascots in the Lone Star State.

1. Hamlin Pied Pipers

Hamlin Pied Pipers

Photo: Facebook/Elgin Family Dental

To quote a news story that became a viral sensation several years ago, “…hide your kids…”because the Hamlin Pied Pipers are coming for you!” With a name straight out of a story book, the Pied Pipers feature one of the most unique names in the state. In 2016, the varsity football team managed to win the district title, and both the townsfolk and student body are looking forward to another spectacular season in 2017.

2. Hutto Hippos

Hutto Hippos

Photo: Facebook/Hutto Hippo Family Dental

At first glance, a hippo may not seem like the most ferocious of all mascots, however, their large, blubbery exterior belies their ferocious nature. In fact, hippos are among the world’s most dangerous animals.  So, really they make the perfect mascot for a school seeking to intimidate its opponents! The Hutto Hippos went 7-4 in the 2016 football season, and, as always, are looking forward to a new year with new possibilities.

3. Springtown Porcupines

Springtown Porcupines

Photo: Facebook/Springtown Porcupine Athletics

The Springtown Porcupines are proud to show off their “Pojo” pride, and with a mascot as distinct as the porcupine, who can blame them? After a 7-4 season in 2016, the Porcupines will kick off the 2017 season against Decauter on Aug. 26.

4. Kress Kangaroos

Kress Kangaroos
Photo: Facebook/Gail Willams

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