5 Useful Tips to Create a Birder’s Paradise

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Keep the cat inside if you prefer your yard to remain peaceful rather than resemble a crime scene.

Hang feeders from poles in the ground at least five feet high and several feet from trees so squirrels cannot easily access them. Install a baffle on your feeder to block squirrels from accessing seed. Provide a feeding station specifically for squirrels away from your bird feeders.

Birdseed can grow mold and mildew sickening birds so clean feeders every few months or more often in wet, humid weather. Clean and change water in bird baths weekly.

Don’t offer birds human food apart from fruit recommended in bird guides. Birds cannot digest human food. It may make them sick or even kill them.

5. Learn from like-minded folks.

5 Useful Tips to Create a Birder's Paradise

Photo: Flickr/grrlscientist

Surround yourself with folks passionate about birding. Don’t be intimidated if you are a beginner. Seek out opportunities to join field trips, lectures or bird counts. Experienced birders can provide tips on photography, identification, and other useful knowledge.

Check out the Travis Audubon, or Central Texas Audubon groups. Texas Parks and Wildlife offers a ton of information about birding in central Texas and a listing of places for bird viewing.

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