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5 Ways to Live it Up in Liberty Hill

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Should you find yourself headed west on Highway 29 just a few miles out of Georgetown, you’re likely to pass through the little town of Liberty Hill. Don’t just drive through and wave. Slow down, spend some time, and give these five fun things a try.

1. Liberty Hill International Sculpture Park

Livin' It Up in Liberty Hill

Photo: Facebook/libertyhillinternationalsculpturegarden

Some will be surprised to learn that way back in 1976, Liberty Hill hosted the International Sculpture Symposium. Mel Fowler, a painter and sculptor, was tasked with choosing a location for the first symposium held in the Southwest. He seriously eye-balled Austin, but he moved to Liberty Hill with his wife and set up a little art studio. The Third Annual Willie Nelson Picnic had just finished up in Liberty Hill and an enterprising Liberty Hill local named James Vaughan convinced Fowler that this little Texas Hill Country hamlet could come together and pull off an international event.

Twenty-five sculptors from six different countries descended upon the town. Many residents opened their homes for two months to the visitors to provide them a place to stay. Local businesses provided food for the artists as they worked. The event resulted in 27 unique sculptures that became permanent fixtures in Veterans Park.

The sculptures were moved to Liberty Hill High School (now Liberty Hill Middle School) in 1987. Today, a project is underway to once again move the sculptures to a permanent home at Lions Foundation Park.

2. Explore Winkley’s General Store

Winkley's General Store
Photo: Facebook/winkleysgeneralstore

Winkley’s General Store of Liberty Hill is pretty much just that. The big warehouse of a store stocks a little bit of everything needed to set you up for life in the country. Do you need a tractor, new boots, nails, horse chow, lightbulbs, or yard art? Winkley’s has that.

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