5 Ways to Repurpose a Wooden Pallet

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Tony Maples Photography


One of the best trends of late is repurposing old junk. Our world is full of trash and things that are thrown away often without a second thought. Repurposing takes these old, seemingly useless things and makes them into new and wonderful creations.

Wooden pallets have had new life breathed into them in a number of ways. Courtesy of Pinterest and Facebook, you can find directions for a number of really cool and innovative ways to restore and repurpose these old, ugly structures. Here are some of our favorites. Take a look!

1. Make a headboard!

Photo: Pinterest/The Crafting Nook by Titicrafty

When taken apart, shows us how this wooden pallet can become a headboard. Gorgeous!

2. Wall Art

Photo: Pinterest/Etsy

Check out the art this old pallet became! This idea is currently being sold on Etsy.

3. Outdoor shower, anyone?

Photo: Pinterest/Pallets Designs

Here, Pallets Designs show how old pallets were remade into a fancy outdoor shower.

4. A swing meant for kings and queens!

Photo: Pinterest/

Now that summer is here, this outdoor pallet swing as shown by would be lovely!

5. Ready-Made Planter

Photo: Facebook/Garden Answer

This beautiful planter idea by Garden Answer doesn’t require any disassembly!

There are many ways to repurpose old wooden pallets. These were some of our favorites. Share some of your favorites in the comments. We’d love to see your ideas and creations!