5 Winning Wines to Drink in the Hill Country

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The Texas Hill Country has quickly become one of the two great wine regions in the state, containing a large share of the more than 4,000 acres of vineyards, rivaled only by that of the Texas High Plains area. With varietals ranging from Italian to French, to Spanish as well, the wineries in Hill Country are carving their corner of the market with a selection of product that is 100% Texas-grown. If it’s not locally grown, it’s definitely locally made, and out of 350 wineries state-wide, all vying for the best grape that will grow into their piece of Texas terroir, the tasters, lovers and collectors are the real winners.

With grapes that thrive in the same climate that produces a big and bold nature of people, the seasonal rains and sunshine of Texas Hill Country also help to produce similar-nature wines with a rich complexity of flavors. Because not everyone is lucky enough to be from Texas, an objective review is required to determine how best the wine from this region compares to its counterparts in those of Sonoma, Willamette Valley and the Finger Lakes. But with Hill Country’s stature being compared to the likes of Napa you’ll be hard-pressed to find a wine taster that disagrees!

So what can you expect to cleanse your palates with while you await the next mouthwatering hors d’oeuvre or entrée that pairs with it so deliciously? Look no further. Here, for your consideration, is a listing of fine Texas Hill Country wines that range from ‘sumptuous’ to ‘stunner’, brazenly tempting you to crack the seal and uncork something that will brand you a true connoisseur and no longer just an armchair enthusiast! Feast your eyes and your wine-appreciation appetites on the following:

1. Torre di Pietra Red Blend Texas Hill Country Midnight Nymph 2010

5 Winning Wines to Drink in the Hill Country

Photo: vinouslyspeaking.com

This red beauty is rich with wafts of spice and boysenberry and surely won’t disappoint. Made from a blend of Black Spanish and Touriga Nacional grapes, one sip gives hints of oak and cranberry flourishes. A treat to open, drinkers of this varietal are seldom conservative with pours as only it’s lingering bouquet promises to last a far cry longer than the hearty steak dinner that is its true partner in crime.

2. Texas Hills Vineyard Syrah Texas Hill Country 2009

5 Winning Wines to Drink in the Hill Country

Photo: sandiegoscenicphotos.org

Dark as a garnet, this beauty unravels wave after wave of berries and plums. A devilish temptress, one taste of this wine will make you seriously question what you’ve been doing with your life! A full body with rich flavor and ‘soft’ tannins, you’ll wonder where the wine gods have been hiding this little number. Pairs excellently with the laughter of family and good friends, but avoid trying it with judgmental mother-in-laws.

3. Pedernales Texas Muscat 2010

5 Winning Wines to Drink in the Hill Country

Photo Credit: texaswineandtrail.com

This is a medium-bodied reminder that there is such a thing as love! With an incredibly alluring nose of apricot, orange and pear, this aromatic multi-dimensional diva will have you bending over backwards for more (not literally, but you get the drift.) Refreshing and crisp, it pairs nicely with the type of chocolate dessert you set out for company, but could also work well with the ‘top-shelf’ brownies you hide from the kids.

4. Fall Creek Vineyards Viognier 2005

5 Winning Wines to Drink in the Hill Country

Photo Credit: whatareyoudrinking.net

This is a spectacular wine that has to be tasted to be believed! It can lift your spirits with its crescendo of ripe peach and pear fruit flavors or obliterate your ego when you see how it flirts with perfection. Well-endowed with scents of lemon drop, toasted almond and marzipan, it’s guaranteed to have you blushing — I mean gushing. It pairs well with the brie and cranberry appetizer you saw while watching The Tonight Show, but let’s be honest. You’ll also love it with your ‘I-worked-late-so-I’m-not-doing-dishes,-bathing-the-kids-or-making-a-big-supper’ supper!

5. Becker Vineyards Merlot Texas Hill Country Reserve 2008

5 Winning Wines to Drink in the Hill Country

Photo: traveladdicts.net

Opulent with a hint of flamboyance, this little number will have you amazed at the fact that it’s not prohibited. You’ll wonder how such a classy bouquet of fresh vanilla, candied cherries, raspberries and fig can take over your olfactory senses and completely disguise the beautiful, bold and seductive body. With prominent notes of saddle leather and cigar box, this is a very well-made Texas Hill Country wine pleasing both novices as well as aficionados.

Reference: Southern Living Magazine: Cassandra M. Vanhooser “Texas Hill Country: the Next Napa? The South’s Best Wineries”